NASA Office of Logic Design

NASA Office of Logic Design

A scientific study of the problems of digital engineering for space flight systems,
with a view to their practical solution.

2006 MAPLD International Conference

(Abstract text is being formatted and will be posted soon)

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
with a session at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Washington, D.C.

September 26-28, 2006

Birds of a Feather Assignments Have Been Posted.


  1. Late abstracts will be accepted on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis for poster and workshop sessions.
  2. Authors, please read Presenter and Author Information as well as the Key Dates (which have been updated).
  3. For poster paper presenters, please hang your poster on any available board.  Then, proceed to the registration desk and inform the personnel there of your paper title, paper number, and the number of the posterboard where it is located.

Poster Session - Thursday, Sep. 28th, 9:20 - 10:50 AM outside of the Amphitheater.

Submission 101 (Session G)
"Flying with an Elephant on your Back: Apollo 13 and the Digital Autopilot"
Frank O'Brien, Apollo historian for NASA (volunteer); Researcher, Apollo Lunar Surface Journal; Co-editor of the Apollo Flight Journal; Lunar Module Simulator preparation, Cradle of Aviation Museum; Associate Director at the Infoage Science and Learning Center.
Abstract: obrien_a.html

Submission 102 (Session G)
"Apollo 13: Anatomy Of The Failure"
Sy Liebergot, NASA Manned Spacecraft Center/Johnson Space Center
Abstract: liebergot_a.html

Submission 103 (Session G)
"Redundancy in Space Shuttle Avionics"
Hugh Blair-Smith, Instrumentation Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Abstract: blair-smith_a.html

Submission 105 (Session G)
"STS-1 Failure to Sync"
Jack Garman, NASA Johnson Space Center (Apollo, Shuttle, Station)
Abstract: 105_garman_a.html

Submission 106 (Session G)
Fred Haise, NASA
Invited History Talk to be given at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Submission 108 (Session G)
Robert Seamans, NASA HQ

Submission 109 (Session G)
"On Bill Tindall"
Andrew Baird, Auburn University

Submission 110 (Session G)
"On Bill Tindall"
Malcolm Johnston, Instrumentation Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Submission 111 (Poster Session)
"Low Cost Hypercomputing: Multi-Spartan Systems Using VIVA"
John Heath and Andrew Strelzoff
University of Southern Mississippi
Abstract: 111_heath_a.html

Submission 112 (Poster Session)
"Low Cross Section Radiation Tolerant Combinational Logic Structure"
Sterling R. Whitaker, Jody W. Gambles, Lowell H. Miles, Laura Davis and Gary K. Maki
University of Idaho
Abstract: 112_whitaker_a.html

Submission 113 (Session F)
"Tail Code Key” Parametric Testing for MIL-STD-1553B Bus"
Ofer Hofman
Sital Technology
Abstract: 113_hofman_a.html

Submission 114 (Session A)
"Performance Evaluation of a Field Programmable Gate Array Circuit Reconfiguration System"
Jason L. Ives, Rusty O. Baldwin, Barry E. Mullins, and Richard A. Raines
Air Force Institute of Technology
Abstract: 114_ives_a.html

Submission 115 (Poster Session)
"FPGA Control System for the Automated Test of Microshutters"
Eric Lyness1, David Rapchun2, and Knute Ray3
Mink Hollow Systems, Inc.
2Global Science and Technology
3Swales Aerospace
Abstract: 115_lyness_a.html

Submission 116 (Poster Session)
"Acceleration of Stereo Correlation in Verilog"
Carlos Villalpando
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Abstract: 116_villalpando_a.html

Submission 117 (Poster Session)
"On NASA Earth Sciences’ Representative Spaceflight Instrument and Associated Sensor Web Framework"
Semion Kizhner
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Goddard Space Flight Center
Abstract: 117_kizhner_a.html

Submission 118 (Poster Session)
"Design of Deployable System"
Manhal Mansour Awda1, Nihad Hashim Ilawi2, and Khaldoon Abdul Jabber2
Aeronautics And Space Administration, Ministry of Science and Technology
2Mostansyrah University
Abstract: 118_awda_a.html

Submission 119 (Session G)
“Evolution of the Space Shuttle AP101”
Roscoe C. Ferguson and William T. Smithgall
United Space Alliance

Submission 120 (Session E)
"Nanotomography: Advanced Techniques for Failure Analysis"
Terence Yeoh, Neil Ives, Nathan Presser, Gary Stupian, Martin Leung, and Steven Moss
The Aerospace Corporation
Abstract: 120_yeoh_a.html

Submission 121 (Poster Session)
"Design and Implementation of Multifunction SDR Algorithms in FPGAs"
John Porcello
L-3 Communications, Inc.
Abstract: 121_porcello_a.html

Submission 122 (Poster Session) and (Session H)
"Generating Non-correlated Streams of Pseudo-Random Numbers in Reprogrammable Hardware"
Andrew Strelzoff, John Heath, and David Dobson
University of Southern Mississippi
Abstract: 122_johnston_a.html

Submission 124 (Poster Session) and (Session H)
"Checkpointing State Recovery for On-Board Computers"
Shazia Maqbool1, Chris Jackson2 and Craig Underwood1
1 Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey
2 Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.
Abstract: 124_maqbool_a.html

Submission 125 (Poster Session)
“Configurable Satellite Data Handling Architecture based on System-on-Chip Technology”
Albert Lin and Jer Ling
National Space Organization, Taiwan
Abstract: lin_a.html

Submission 127 (Session G)
"Commercial Off the Shelf Computing in Manned Space Flight"
Timothy J. (TJ) Creamer
Colonel, US Army and NASA Astronaut (Mission Specialist)

Submission 128 (Poster Session)
“Design of a Managed FPGA for Secure and Sustainable Processing in Military Applications”
Jason Sattler1, Matt Leftwich1 and Robert L. Riley, Jr.2
Space Photonics, Inc.
Air Force Research Laboratory
Abstract: 128_sattler_a.html

Submission 129 (Poster Session)
"Implementing the Message Passing Interface (MPI) with FPGAs"
Matthew Scarpino
Starbridge Systems, Inc
Abstract: 129_scarpino_a.html

Submission 131 (Session F)
“Application of Low Power, High Density, Gigahertz Speed Commercial FPGA Technology to High Radiation Applications using RADHARD-by-Process Techniques”
Rajit Manohar1, Clinton W. Kelly, IV1, John Lofton Holt1, Chris Liu1, Leonard Rockett2, Dinu Patel2, Steven Danziger2
Achronix Semiconductor Corporation
Abstract: 131_monohar_a.html

Submission 132 (Poster Session)
“Universal Input Buffer for Programmable Logic Devices”
Vladimir Bratov1, Jeb Binkley1, Vladimir Katzman1, Andrey Bratov1, Armando Otero1, and Glenn Rakow2
Advanced Science and Novel Technology Company
2NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Abstract: 132_bratov_a.html

Submission 133 (Session A)
“From SpaceWire to SpaceFibre”
Martin Suess

Abstract: 133_suess_a.html

Submission 134 (Poster Session)
“A Single Chip 1553 Interface”
Rod Barto
NASA Office of Logic Design
Abstract: 134_barto_a.html

Submission 135 (Session B) and (Session W)
"FPGAs: Quality through Model Based Design and Implementation"
Yves LaCerte1 and
Yang Zhu2
1Rockwell Collins
General Dynamics
Abstract: 135_lacerte_a.html

Submission 136 (Session C)
"Activation Energy determination of a space qualified 350 nm Flash Technology"
Joe Fabula1, Don Pecko1, and Jim Hall2
Abstract: 136_fabula_a.html

Submission 137 (Poster Session)
"Continued Exploration of the Neutron Single Event Upset Sensitivity of Current Generations (90 nm and 65 nm) of Field Programmable Gate Arrays"
Joe Fabula, Austin Lesea, and Ray Matteis
Abstract: 137_fabula_a.html

Submission 138 (Poster Session)
"Radiation Hardened FPGA Technology"
Dinu Patel1, Leonard Rockett1, Steven Danziger1, Balwinder Sujlana1,Les Palkuti2, John McCollum3, J.J. Wang3, Brian Cronquist3, Frank Hawley3, Farid Isaq3
2Defense Threat Reduction Agency
3Actel Corporation
Abstract: 138_patel_a.html

Submission 139 (Session A) and (Session W)
“Implementing Space Shuttle Data Processing System Concepts in Programmable Logic Devices”
Roscoe C. Ferguson, Robert Tate, and Hiram C. Thompson
United Space Alliance
Abstract: 139_ferguson_a.html

Submission 141 (Poster Session) and (Session W)
"Let’s Get Practical: Reuse Is Recycling"
Tom Dewey and Michael Lee
Mentor Graphics Corporation
Abstract: 141_dewey_a.html

Submission 142 (Poster Session) and (Session H)
"Efficient FPGA Implementations of Floating-Point Reduction Operations"
Michael R. Bodnar1, James P. Durbano2, John R. Humphrey2, Petersen F. Curt2, and Dennis W. Prather1
University of Delaware
2EM Photonics, Inc.
Abstracts: 142_bodnar_a.html

Submission 143 (Session B)
"Dynamic Reconfigurable Computing"
Benjamin C. Brodie, Roger D. Chamberlain, Berkley Shands, and JasonWhite
Exegy, Inc.
Abstract: 143_brodie_a.html

Submission 144 (Poster Session)
"A Novel Approach to Military Global Positioning System"
Puneet Batura, Abhijai Sood, and Shyam Sundar P
Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
Abstract: 144_batura_a.html

Submission 145 (Session E) and (Session W)
"A Formalized Verification Methodology for Soft IP Cores in Safety-Critical Applications"
Travis Lenhart and John Lach
University of Virginia
Abstract: 145_lenhart_a.html

Submission 146 (Poster Session) and (Session W)
"Verification & Validation: What Can We Learn From Software Engineers?"
Scott Bingham, John Knight, John Lach, and Elisabeth Strunk
University of Virginia
Abstract: 146_bingham_a.html

Submission 147 (Session D)
“Single Event Upset (SEU) Testing of the Naval Postgraduate School Configurable Fault-Tolerant Processor (CFTP)”
Joshua Snodgrass, Ron Aikins, Jerry Caldwell, Herschel Loomis, Alan Ross and Melinda Surratt
Naval Postgraduate School
Abstract: 147_snodgrass_a.html

Submission 148 (Poster Session) and (Session Z)
"Mixed-Signal Microelectronics for Space Applications: Future Challenges"
Rajan Bedi, Mark Walker and Lewis Farrugia
EADS Astrium
Abstract: 148_bedi_a.html

Submission 149 (Poster Session) and (Session Z)
"Time-Interleaved ADC Architectures for Space Communications"
Rajan Bedi and Lewis Farrugia
EADS Astrium
Abstract: 149_bedi_a.html

Submission 150 (Session D)
"The Effects of Radiation Events on Gravity Probe B"
Brandon D. Owens, Michael E. Adams, William J. Bencze, Gaylord Green, and Paul Shestople
Stanford University
Abstract: 150_owens_a.html

Submission 151 (Poster Session)
"A Comparative Look at MBU Hazard Analysis Techniques"
Brandon D. Owens1, Nancy G. Leveson1, William J. Bencze2 and Paul Shestople2
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2Stanford University
Abstract: 151_owens_a.html

Submission 152 (Poster Session)
"Micro-Inspector Avionics Module (MAM): A Self-Contained Low Power, Reconfigurable Avionics Platform for Small Spacecrafts and Instruments"
Mohammad Ashtijou, Yutao He, R. Kevin Watson, and Gary S. Bolotin
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Abstract: 152_ashtijou_a.html

Submission 153 (Session B)
"On Using Simulink to Program SRC-6 Reconfigurable Computer"
David Meixner, Volodymyr Kindratenko, and David Pointer
National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
Abstract: 153_kindratenko_a.html

Submission 154 (Poster Session)
"A Substrate for the Implementation of Biomimetically Inspired Designs on FPGAs"
Christopher C. Doss, David Song, and Antwaun High
North Carolina A & T State University
Abstract: 154_doss_a.html

Submission 155 (Poster Session)
"Simulated Space Radiation Effects of Failures in Memory Cells"
Lindsay O. Quarrie1, Kenneth Bowden1, AnLoc Le1, William Spencer1, Stephen Bracht2, Scott W. Teare2, Mary Ann Bobowski3, and Randolph Brady3
Syndetix Inc.-METTOP
2New Mexico Tech
White Sands Missile Range-DATTS
Abstract: 155_quarrie_a.html 

Submission 156 (Session D)
“The LEON3FT-RTAX Processor Family and SEU Test Results”
Jiri Gaisler
Gaisler Research
Abstract: 156_gaisler_a.html

Submission 157 (Poster Session)
"Structured ASIC for SEU Mitigation of SRAM-based FPGAs"
Bruce Euzent, Chih-Ching Shih, Cheng Huang, Bill Kwong, Hee Kong Phoon, Kar Keng Chua, and Sammy Cheung
Altera Corporation
Abstract: 157_euzent_a.html

Submission 158 (Poster Session)
"Single Event Transients in 1.5V Voltage Regulators"
C. Poivey1, H. Kim1, C. Seidleck1, J. Karsh2, S. Pursley2, I. Kleyner2, R. Katz2, K. LaBel2
MEI, Technologies
Abstract: 158_poivey_a.html

Submission 159 (Poster Session)
"Radio Design using Xilinx System Generator"
Bradley Comar
MITRE Corporation
Abstract: 159_comar_a.html

Submission 160 (Poster Session)
"An Xilinx Microblaze-based UAV Flight Control System"
Robert H. Klenke, Quan Cheng, Jefferson McBride, Hoan Nguyen, and William Sleeman
Virginia Commonwealth University
Abstract: 160_klenke_a.html

Submission 161 (Poster Session)
"Radiation-Induced Domain Crossing Events in Xilinx FPGAs"
Heather Quinn1, Paul Graham1, Keith Morgan1, James Moore1, and Jeff George2
1Los Alamos National Laboratory
2The Aerospace Corporation
Abstract: 161_quinn_a.html

Submission 162 (Session E)
"The STAR Systems Toolset for Analyzing Reconfigurable System Cross-Section"
Heather Quinn, Debayan Bhaduri, Christof Teuscher, Paul Graham, and Maya Gokhale
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Abstract: 162_quinn_a.html

Submission 163 (Session F)
"High-Performance FPAAs for Hierarchical Analog System Design"
Hu Huang1, Ji Lou1, Martin Peckerar1, Joseph Bernstein1, and Ari Tuchman2
1University of Maryland
2MakeLink LLC
Abstract: 163_huang_a.html

Submission 164 (Poster Session) and (Session Z)
"Actel Fusion Programmable System Chip 0.13 µm Devices"
Dan Elftmann and Antony Wilson
Actel Corporation
Abstract: 164_elftmann_a.html

Submission 166 (Poster Session)
“A Study of Elliptic Curve Cryptography Performance in FPGA”
Mike Borza1 and James Young2
1Elliptic Semiconductor
2Lattice Semiconductor
Abstract: 166_borza_a.html

Submission 167 (Poster Session) and (Session W)
"A Refinement-based Methodology for Implementation Design and Semi-automatic Verification on an FPGA"
A. Mcewan
University of Surrey
Abstract: 167_mcewan_a.html

Submission 168 (Poster Session)
"Fault Tolerant H.264 Decoder Implemented on a Reconfigurable Instruction Cell Architecture"
Adam Major, Mark Milward, Sami Khawam, Ioannis Nousias, Ying Yi and Tughrul Arslan
University of Edinburgh
Abstract: 168_major_a.html

Submission 169 (Session D)
"Particle Test of Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA using XTMR Mitigation Technique"
Fredrik Sturesson1, Stanley Mattsson and Reno Harboe-Sorensen2
Saab Ericsson Space AB
Abstract: 169_sturesson_a.html

Submission 170 (Poster Session)
"High Performance SEU Mitigation for the Digital Channelizer Unit – Lessons Learned"
Jonathan F. Feifarek and Timothy C. Gallagher
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
Abstract: 170_feifarek_a.html

Submission 171 (Poster Session)
"Multi Time-Code for SpaceWire"
Glenn P. Rakow
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Abstract: 171_rakow_a.html

Submission 172 (Poster Session)
"Network Discovery over SpaceWire"
Glenn P. Rakow
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Abstract: 172_rakow_a.html

Submission 173 (Poster Session)
"Reliable Data Delivery over SpaceWire"
Glenn P. Rakow
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Abstract: 173_rakow_a.html

Submission 174 (Poster Session)
"Radiation Tolerant Intelligent Memory Stack (RTIMS) Testing Methodologies and Results"
Jeffrey Herath, Tak-kwong Ng, Walter Babel and Mark Jones
NASA Langley Research Center
Abstract: 174_herath_a.html

Submission 175 (Poster Session)
"Generic Programming Techniques for High-Performance PLD Computing Systems"
John R. Humphrey1, Daniel K. Price2, Michael R. Bodnar2, Petersen F. Curt1, and James P. Durbano1
EM Photonics, Inc.
2University of Delaware
Abstract: 175_humphrey_a.html

Submission 176 (Poster Session)
“Comuputation of Long Time Cross Ambiguity Function Using Reconfigurable HW”
A. Hermanek, M. Kunes, and M. Kvasnicka
Czech Academy of Science
Abstract: 176_hermanek_a.html

Submission 177  (Session D)
"An Upset-Mitigated FPGA-based High Performance Compute Platform for Space Applications"
Gary Swift and Greg Allen
Abstract: 177_swift_a.html

Submission 178 (Session E)
“Robust FPGA/Embedded-Processor Design: Design Flow for SEU Mitigation”
Gregory Miller1, Carl Carmichael1, Gary Swift2 and Steven Guertin2
1Xilinx Corp.
Abstract: 178_miller_a.html

Submission 179 (Session B)
"A Hybrid Approach for Accelerating a Sparse Matrix Jacobi Solver using an FPGA-Augmented Reconfigurable Computer"
Gerald R. Morris and Viktor K. Prasanna
University of Southern California
Abstract: 179_morris_a.html

Submission 180 (Poster Session)
"Reconfigurable Device for Real-Time Compensation of Atmospheric Effects in Long-Range Imaging"
Fernando E. Ortiz, John R. Humphrey, Eric J. Kelmelis, and James P. Durbano
EM Photonics, Inc.
Abstract: 180_ortiz_a.html

Submission 181 (Poster Session)
"Reliability Update on the Aeroflex ViaLink FPGA"
Ronald Lake
Aeroflex Colorado Springs
Abstract: 181_lake_a.html

Submission 182 (Poster Session)
"What's New In VHDL 2006 - An Insider's Perspective"
Jaroslaw Kaczynski
Abstract: 182_kaczynski_a.html

Submission 183 (Session C)
"Reliability and Endurance of Flash based Actel FPGAs"
Marco Cheung and Vincent McCaffrey
Actel Corporation
Abstract: 183_cheung_a.html

Submission 184 (Session E) and (Session W)
"In-System Test for FPGAs"
Dan Gardner1, Ron Press1, and Melanie Berg2
1Mentor Graphics
2NASA GSFC/Muniz Technologies
Abstract: 184_gardner_a.html

Submission 185 (Poster Session)
"Matrix Algorithm Cores Generator on Reconfigurable Hardware for Image Processing"
A. Amira, F. Bensaali, I.S. Uzun and A. Ahmed Said
Brunel University
Abstract: 185_amira_a.html

Submission 186 (Poster Session) and (Session M)
"FPGA Implementation and Power Modeling of FWT for Pattern Recognition"
S. Chandrasekaran and A. Amira
Brunel University
Abstract: 186_chandrasekaran_a.html

Submission 187 (Poster Session)
"SEU Error Detection and Correction Techniques for the Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGA"
Chen Wei Tseng1, Carl Carmichael1, Gary Swift2, and Jeffrey George3
3Aerospace Corp.
Abstract: 187_tseng_a.html

Submission 188 (Poster Session)
"Design Considerations for Implementing Triple Module Redundancy in Xilinx FPGAs"
Chen Wei Tseng1, Greg Miller1, Carl Carmichael1, Gary Swift2, and Jeffrey George3
3Aerospace Corp.
Abstract: 188_tseng_a.html

Submission 189 (Session A)
"EMD: An Enhanced Min-Delay Calculation for a Reliable Timing Analysis with Actel FPGAs"
Nizar Abdallah, Denis Hommais, and Amal Zerrouki
Actel Corporation
Abstract: 189_abdallah_a.html

Submission 190 (Poster Session)
"Effective Use of Global Clock Networks in Actel RTAX-S Devices"
Amal Zerrouki and Nizar Abdallah
Actel Corporation
Abstract: 190_zerrouki_a.html

Submission 191 (Session B)
"A Rollback Recovery System for Embedded FPGA Processors"
J. Reed Walker and Chris Papachristou
Case Western Reserve University
Abstract: 191_walker_a.html

Submission 192 (Poster Session)
“System on a Chip – Realization of Pattern Recognition Genetic Algorithm using a Microcontroller”
Jason Marenda, Marco P. Schoen, Larry Stout, and Brian G. Williams
Idaho State University
Abstract: 192_marenda_a.html

Submission 193 (Poster Session)
"Fusion on Autonomous Navigation Based on Unscented Kalman Filter"
Shu-Lin Sui, Jian Yuan, and Wen-Xia Zhang
Qingdao University of Science &Technology
Abstract: 193_yuan_a.html

Submission 195 (Poster Session) and (Session M)
"Low Power Optimisation of DSP Core Networks on FPGA for High End Signal Processing Systems"
Stephen McKeown, Scott Fischaber, Roger Woods, John McAllister and Eoin Malins
Queen’s University Belfast
Abstract: 195_mckeown_a.html

Submission 196 (Poster Session)
"Electronics Shielding and Reliability Design Tools"
J.W. Wilson1, P.M. O’Neill2,T.A. Zang1, J.E. Pandolf1, Steven L. Koontz2, P. Boeder3, B. Reddell3, C. Pankop3
1NASA Langley Research Center
2NASA Johnson Space Center
3The Boeing Company
Abstract: 196_wilson_a.html

Submission 197 (Session C)
"Radiation Hardened EEPROMs for Mission Critical Applications"
Michael Fitzpatrick1, Dennis Adams1, Joseph Smith1, Stephen Wrazien1, James Murray2,  Marvin White3,  Jim Sheehy4, Jeff Dame4, and Gary Grant4
1Northrop Grumman
2Sandia National Labs
3Lehigh University
Abstract: 197_fitzpatrick_a.html

Submission 199 (Poster Session)
"A New Tool for Modeling Single Event Upset Rates Produced by Nuclear Reactions of Space Radiation with Microelectronic Devices"
William J Atkinson and William A Seidler
The Boeing Company
Abstract: 199_atkinson_a.html

Submission 200 (Poster Session)
"A Methodology for Estimating On-orbit Static Single Event Upset Rates Using CREME96"
Joshua D. Engel, Keith S. Morgan, and Michael J. Wirthlin
Brigham Young University
Abstract: 200_engel_a.html

Submission 201 (Poster Session)
"SEFI Mitigation for Commercial Microprocessors in Space-Proton Testing Demonstration, SBC Integration and ASIC Development"
David R. Czajkowski, Murat Goksel, Manish Pagey, and David J. Strobel
Space Micro Inc.
Abstract: 201_czajkowski.html

Submission 202 (Poster Session)
"Radiation Hardened, High Performance, Low Power Space Computer for Payload Processing Leveraging COTS Microelectronics with SEE Mitigation"
David R. Czajkowski, Murat Goksel, Manish Pagey, Mike Viehman, and David J. Strobel
Space Micro Inc.
Abstract: 202_czajkowski.html

Submission 203 (Poster Session)
"Improving FPGA Yield with Defect Tolerance"
Asbjoern Djupdal and Pauline C Haddow
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Abstract: 203_djupdal_a.html

Submission 204 (Poster Session)
"Lessons Learned from Employing Rapid Development Design Techniques"
Edward R. Oates, John P. Johnston and Bruce Reidenbach
ITT Aerospace
Abstract: 204_oates_a.html

Submission 205 (Poster Session)
"Spectral Entropy Calculation Methods in Hardware, Targeting On-Board Applications"
N. Huber, T. Carozzi, E. Cabal-Yepez and P. Gough
University of Sussex
Abstract: 205_huber_a.html

Submission 206 (Poster Session)
"Automatic Image Registration for Remote Sensing on Reconfigurable Computers"
Esam El-Araby1, Mohamed Taher1, Tarek El-Ghazawi1, and Jacqueline Le Moigne2
The George Washington University
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Abstract: 206_taher_a.html

Submission 207 (Poster Session)
"Intelligent and Reconfigurable Edge of the Network Computing- Reaping the Benefits by Moving Applications to the Network"
John Meier and Tirumale Ramesh
The Boeing Company
Abstract: 207_meier_a.html

Submission 208 (Poster Session)
"Fault Tolerant Virtex 4 ReConfigurable Computer for Space Based On-Board Processing"
Paul L Murray
SEAKR Engineering, Inc.
Abstract: 208_murray_a.html

Submission 209 (Session E)
"Classical versus Evolved Fault Tolerance: Comparing Metrics and Performance"
Pauline C Haddow, Morten Hartmann and Asbjoern Djupdal
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Abstract: 209_haddow_a.html

Submission 210 (Poster Session)
“Multi-objective Intrinsic Hardware Evolution”
Paul Kaufmann and Marco Platzner
University of Paderborn
Abstract: 210_kaufmann_a.html

Submission 211 (Poster Session)
“FPGA Core Implementation of Space Data Buses Interfaces”
M. Prieto, A. Eguidazu, V. Lopez, S. Sanchez, O.R. Polo, I.G. Tejedor and D. Meziat
University of Alcala
Abstract: 211_prieto_a.html

Submission 212 (Poster Session)
"Layout Guidelines to Minimize Latchup in CMOS Circuits using Guard Rings"
Pamela Obiomon
Prairie View A&M University
Abstract: 212_obiomon_a.html

Submission 213 (Poster Session)
"Latchup Triggering Mechanisms"
Pamela Obiomon
Prairie View A&M University
Abstract: 213_obiomon_a.html

Submission 214 (Session D)
"Radiation Effects on Non-volatile Memory Devices"
Pamela Obiomon
Prairie View A&M University
Abstract: 214_obiomon_a.html

Submission 215 (Poster Session) and (Session W)
"Unified System Verification Using a VHPI Abstraction Layer"
Petersen F. Curt1, Daniel K. Price2, Michael R. Bodnar2, and James P. Durbano1
EM Photonics, Inc.
2University of Delaware
Abstract: 215_curt_a.html

Submission 216 (Poster Session)
"An Evaluation of Software Fault Tolerance Techniques on a Tiled Architecture"
Karandeep Singh, Adnan Agbaria, Dong-In Kang, and Matthew French
USC Information Sciences Institute
Abstract: 216_singh_a.html

Submission 217 (Poster Session)
"Universal FPGA Support Device for Space Applications"
Joseph R. Marshall
BAE Systems
Abstract: 217_marshall_a.html

Submission 218 (Poster Session)
"Reconfiguration Algorithms for Failure Mitigation Electronics"
Sharon S. Graves1 and Donald E. Harper2
1NASA Langley Research Center
2SWALES Aerospace
Abstract: 218_graves_a.html

Submission 219 (Session B)
"Investigation of Benchmark Suites for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing Platforms"
Melissa C. Smith, Jeffrey S. Vetter, and Sadaf R. Alam
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Abstract: 219_smith_a.html

Submission 220 (Session A)
"FPGA-Based Laser Beam Steering System"
Brian L. Snyder
Goodrich Corporation Advanced Sensors Technical Center
Abstract: 220_snyder_a.html

Submission 221 (Poster Session) and (Session H)
"A High-Level Development Framework for Run-Time Reconfigurable Applications"
Stephen Craven and Peter Athanas
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Abstract: 221_craven_a.html

Submission 222 (Poster Session)
"SpaceWire Architectures"

Steve Parkes1 and Philippe Armbruster2

University of Dundee
European Space Agency, ESTEC
Abstract: 222_parkes_a.html

Submission 223 (Poster Session)
"VIRTUAL Payload INTEGRATION with SPaceWire"
Steve Parkes1, Stuart Mills1, Philippe Armbruster2, Raffaele Vitulli2
1University of Dundee
European Space Agency, ESTEC
Abstract: 223_parkes_a.html

Submission 224 (Poster Session)
"SpaceWire Remote Memory Access Protocol"
Steve Parkes and Chris McClements
University of Dundee
Abstract: 224_parkes_a.html

Submission 225 (Poster Session) and (Session H)
"A Fixed Point VHDL Component Library for a High Efficiency Reconfigurable Radio Design Methodology"
Scott D. Hoy and Marco A. Figueiredo
Scott D. Hoy1 and Marco A. Figueiredo2
1Honeywell - TSI
2MEI Technologies
Abstract: 225_hoy_a.html

Submission 226 (Poster Session)
"Actel Reliability Update for the 0.25µm and 0.15µm Devices"
Minal Sawant, Dan Elftmann, and Solomon Wolday
Actel Corporation
Abstract: 226_sawant_a.html

Submission 227 (Poster Session)
"Reconfigurable Handel-C FSL Accelerators for MicroBlaze"
Roman Bartosinski and Jiri Kadlec
Institute of Information Theory and Automation Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (UTIA)
Abstract: 227_bartosinski_a.html

Submission 228 (Session B)
"Implementing Scientific Simulation Codes Highly Tailored for Vector Architectures Using Custom Configurable Computing Machines"
David Rutishauser
Virginia Polytechnic Institute/NASA Johnson Space Center
Abstract: 228_rutishauser_a.html

Submission 229 (Session B)
"Lessons Learned Implementing the VSIPL API on Reconfigurable Computers"
Robin Bruce1, Malachy Devlin2, and Stephen Marshall3
1Institute for System Level Integration
2Nallatech Ltd.
3University of Strathclyde
Abstract: 229_bruce_a.html

Submission 231 (Poster Session)
"Providing Services in Reconfigurable Overlay Networks"
Todd Sproull
Washington University in Saint Louis
Abstract: 231_sproull_a.html

Submission 232 (Poster Session) and (Session H)
"FPGA Acceleration of the LINPACK Benchmark Using Handel-C and the Celoxica Floating Point Library"
Kieron Turkington, Konstantinos Masselos, George A. Constantinides, and Philip Leong
Imperial College London
Abstract: 232_turkington_a.html

Submission 234 (Poster Session)
"Enhanced Fault Tolerance for On Board FPGA Based Reconfigurable Computing"
Grant L. Smith
Honeywell Inc.
Abstract: 234_smith_a.html

Submission 235 (Poster Session)
"A Low-Power, High-Speed, Radiation-Hard Logic Family Based on Molecular Micro-switches"
Darren K. Brock
Nantero, Inc.
Abstract: 235_brock_a.html

Submission 236 (Poster Session)
"Rapid Painless Prototyping of Actel FPGA Devices"
Dave Rinehart1 and Ravi Pragasam2
1Aldec Corporation
2Actel Corporation
Abstract: 236_rinehart_a.html

Submission 237 (Poster Session)
"Actel and QML V"
Kangsen Huey
Actel Corporation
Abstract: 237_huey_a.html

Submission 238 (Poster Session) and (Session Z)
"Fusion PSC Design Tools"
Venkatesh Narayanan and Jake Chuang
Actel Corporation
Abstract: 238_narayanan_a.html

Submission 239 (Poster Session)
"RTAX4000S Prototyping Flow"
Yixin Zhang
Actel Corporation
Abstract: 239_zhang_a.html

Submission 240 (Poster Session) and (Session W)
"Design Assurance"
Dave Rinehart1 and Ravi Pragasam2
1Aldec Corporation
2Actel Corporation
Abstract: 240_rinehart_a.html

Submission 241 (Poster Session)
"Mechanical Aspects of Column Grid Array (CCGA) Package"
Raymond Kuang
Actel Corporation
Abstract: 241_kuang_a.html

Submission 242 (Poster Session)
"Towards SEU-Tolerance on FPGA-Based Avionics: A Tale of Two Implementations"
Yutao He, Mandy Wang, Ryan Stern, and Gary Bolotin
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Abstract: 242_he_a.html

Submission 243 (Poster Session)
"Instant Tracking of Satellites Using Visual Observation"
Manhal M. Awda1, Talib H. Kadori2 and Aref S. Baroon2
1Ministry of Science and Technology
2Babylon University
Abstract: 243_awda_a.html

Submission 244 (Session F)
"Reducing Power Consumption of Radiation Mitigated Designs for FPGAs"
Matthew French 1, Michael Wirthlin 2, Paul Graham3 
University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
Brigham Young University
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Abstract: 244_wang_a.html

Submission 245 (Poster Session)
"Development of Radiation-Hard 32-bit Forth Microprocessor with 0.18 um CMOS Technology"
Edvin Hjortland1, Li Chen1, and Umesh Patel2
1South Dakota School of Mine and Technology
Abstract: 245_chen_a.html

Submission 246 (Poster Session)
"An SEU-Mitigated FPGA-Based Flash Memory Controller for Space Applications"
Greg Allen, Gary Swift, and Xilinx Radiation Test Consortium
California Institute of Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Abstract: 246_allen_a.html

Submission 247 (Poster Session)
"The Cascade Demodulator As a Reconfigurable Computer"
Vladimir Glavac and Stephane Belzile
MDA Space Inc.
Abstract: 247_glavac_a.html

Submission 248 (Poster Session)
"Actel RTAX4000S Generic Burn-In Test Feature"
Solomon Wolday, Minal Sawant, Dan Elftmann, and Don Kinell
Actel Corporation
Abstract: 248_wolday_a.html

Submission 249 (Poster Session)
"A Performance-Driven Partitioning Algorithm for Hardware/Software Co-Design on FPGA"
Xinming Huang, Cao Liang and Jing Ma
University of New Orleans
Abstract: 249_huang_a.html

Submission 250 (Poster Session)
"Space Hardened Low Power, Flash Memory Device Using COTS Devices"
David R. Czajkowski, Murat Goksel, Manish Pagey, Mike Fennell, and David J. Strobel
Space Micro Inc.
Abstract: 250_czajkowski_a.html

Submission 251 (Poster Session)
"A Configurable Multiprocessor System Using FPGAs as Interconnecting Network Elements"
Sharon Lim Siok Lin
Nanyang Technological University
Abstract: 251_lim_a.html

Submission 252 (Poster Session)
"Fault Tolerant Techniques for I/O Bound High Performance Systolic Arrays on SRAM FPGA"
Jong-Ho Byun, Ravi Karanam, Arun Ravindran, Arindam Mukherjee and Bharat Joshi
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Abstract: 252_byun_a.html

Submission 253 (Session E) and (Session W)
"Increasing Confidence of Complex Hardware in Safety-Critical Avionics Using Formal Methods"
Kristoffer Karlsson and Håkan Forsberg
Saab Avitronics
Abstract: 253_karlsson_a.html

Submission 254 (Poster Session)
"On Breaking the Limits of Scalability with Current-Generation Reconfigurable Computing Platforms: Simulation Experiments with Matrix-oriented Processing Kernels"
Sreesa Akella and James P. Davis
University of South Carolina
Abstract: 254_akella_a.html

Submission 255 (Poster Session)
"A Novel Methodology To Reduce Leakage Power In Master-Slave D Flip-Flops"
Preetham Lakshmikanthan and Adrian Nunez
Syracuse University
Abstract: 255_lakshmikanthan_a.html

Submission 256 (Poster Session)
"Rapid prototyping of a Hardware Scheduler for Multitasking Acceleration"
Lucien Ngalamou
University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago
Abstract: 256_ngalamou_a.html

Submission 257 (Poster Session) and (Session M)
"Algorithm Agile Low Power and High Data Rate Optimized System for RadHard Applications"
Meg Vootukuru
Syneren Technologies Corporation
Abstract: 257_vootukuru_a.html

Submission 258 (Poster Session)
"Performance Optimization in DSP Algorithm to Hardware Transformations"
John Gallagher
Synplicity Inc.
Abstract: 258_gallagher_a.html

Submission 259 (Poster Session)
“Physical synthesis for Radiation Tolerant FPGAs”
Sanjay Bali
Magma Design Automation
Abstract: 259_bali_a.html

Submission 260 (Session A)
"Intelligent and Distributed Reconfigurable System-on-Chip Sensor Networks for Space Applications --- An Introduction to ESPACENET"
T.Vladimirova1, X.Wu1, C.P.Bridges1, T.Arslan2, N.Haridas2, E.Yang2, A.T.Erdogan2, N.Barton2, A.J.Walton2, J.S.Thompson2, A.Stoica2, 3, K.D.McDonald-Maier4, and
W.G.J. Howells5
1University of Surrey
2University of Edinburgh
3NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4University of Essex
5University of Kent
Abstract: 260_vladimirova_a.html

Submission 261 (Poster Session)
"A Radiation Hardened SpaceWire ASIC and Roadmap"
Richard Berger1, Myrna Milliser1, Paul Kapcio1, Dan Stanley1, David Moser1, Jennifer Koehler1, Glenn Rakow2, and Richard Schnurr2
1BAE Systems
2NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Abstract: 261_berger_a.html

Submission 262  (Session G)
"Logic Devices and Integrated Circuit Reliability for the Apollo Guidance Computer"
Eldon Hall
MIT/Instrumentation Lab

Submission 1001 (Poster Session)
"Libraries of Hardware Macros for Reconfigurable Computers"
Tarek El-Ghazawi1, Kris Gaj2, Duncan Buell3, Proshanta Saha1, Esam El-Araby1, Chang Shu2, Miaoqing Huang1, Mohamed Taher1, and Alan Michalski3
1The George Washington University
2George Mason University,
3University of South Carolina
Abstract: 1001_el-ghazawi_a.html

Submission 1002 (Poster Session)
"Design of parameterizable hardware macros for reconfigurable computers"
Kris Gaj2, Tarek El-Ghazawi1, Dan Poznanovic3
, Hoang Le2, Proshanta Saha1, Steve Heistand3, Chang Shu2, Esam El-Araby1, Miaoqing Huang1, Deapesh Misra2, and Paul Gage3
The George Washington University
2George Mason University
3SRC Computers
Abstract: 1002_gaj_a.html

Submission 1003 (Poster Session)
"Comprehensive SEE Characterization of Flash-Based FPGAs"
Sana Rezgui, J.J. Wang, Natalie Charest, and Brian Cronquist
Actel Corporation
Abstract: 1003_rezgui_a.html

Submission 1004 (Poster Session)
"Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processor (TI-DSP) SMJ320F240"
A.B. Sanders1, C. Poivey2, H.S. Kim2, G. Gee2, D. Sheppard1
Abstract: 1004_sanders_a.html

Submission 1005 (Poster Session)
"RADiance Rad Hard Structured ASIC Arrays"
Danny Anthony1, Jim Hobbs1, Tad Allard1, and Michael Sydow2
1Honeywell Inc., Defense and Space Systems
2Lightspeed Semiconductor
Abstract: 1005_anthony_a.html

Submission 1007 (Poster Session)
"A Radiation-Hardened, Fast-Turn, Low-NRE-Cost Structured ASIC"
Richard S. Flores
Sandia National Laboratories
Abstract: 1007_flores_a.html

Submission 1008 (Poster Session) and (Session W)
“In-Circuit Verification and Validation of FPGA Systems”
Gregory B. Davis
Abstract: 1008_davis_a.html

Submission 1009 (Poster Session) and (Session W)
“Topics to Consider When Analyzing a Flight FPGA Design”
Michael J. McDonnell
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation
Abstract: 1009_mcdonnell_a.html

Submission 1010 (Poster Session)
"Encryption of Multispectral Satellite Images with the AES Algorithm"
Roohi Banu and Tanya Vladimirova
Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey
Abstract: 1010_banu_a.html

Submission 1011 (Poster Session) and (Session Z)
"Functional Recovery of Analog Circuits Using Self-Adaptive System Based on COTS Field Programmable Gate Array for Extreme Cold Temperatures"
A. Stoica, R. Zebulum, D. Keymeulen, R. Ramesham, S. Katkoori, J. Neff, S. Graves, F. Novak, and C. Antill
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Abstract: 1011_stoica_a.html

Submission 1012 (Poster Session)
"High Density Non Volatile Memory for Space"
T. Dargnies, C. Val and J.F. Goupy
Abstract: 1012_dargnies_a.html

Submission 1013 (Poster Session)
"Digital Device Obsolescence – A Very New and Innovative Interconnection Solution"
C. Val, M.C Vassal, and T. Dargnies
Abstract: 1013_val_a.html

Submission 1014 (Poster Session)
"Simulation and Controller Design for Satellites in Formation Flying"
Vengada Ganeshwaran, S. Lakshmi, J. Shanmugam
MIT-Anna University
Abstract: 1014_ganeshwaran_a.html

Submission 1015 (Poster Session)
"Time-Triggered Protocol (TTP) for Integrated Modular Avionics"
Guenter Motzet, David A. Gwaltney (NASA)Dr. Guenther Bauer, Dr. Mirko Jakovljevic, and Leonard Gagea
TTTech Computertechnik AG
Abstract: 1015_motzet_a.html

Submission 1016 (Poster Session)
"An Evolvable and Reconfigurable System-on-Chip Architecture for Future Small Satellite Missions"
Xiaofeng Wu and Tanya Vladimirova
Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey
Abstract: 1016_wu_a.html

Submission 1017 (Poster Session) and (Session M)
"Multi-Level Parallelism for Power and Energy Aware Design – Verified Using Novel Functional Level Power Analysis & Modelling (FLPAM)"
Shrutisagar Chandrasekaran and Abbes Amira
Brunel University, London
Abstract: 1017_chandrasekaran_a.html

Submission 1018 (Poster Session)
"Three Axis Satellite Attitude Control PD Control Approach for Magnetic Torquer"
Kapil Rathi1, Dr. J. Shanmugam2 , P.Natrajan3
Division of Avionics
2MIT-Anna University
3ISRO Satellite Centre
Abstract: 1018_rathi_a.html

Submission 1019 (Poster Session)
"Maiden Attempt to Design Reversible FPGAs (FPGAs Based on Reversible Logic)"
Himanshu Thapliyal
International Institute of Information Technology
Abstract: 119_thapliyal_a.html

Submission 1020 (Poster Session)
"Applying Reversible Logic to Cryptographic Hardware"
Himanshu Thapliyal
International Institute of Information Technology
Abstract: 120_thapliyal_a.html

Submission 1021 (Poster Session)
"Estimating Cutoff Device Count By Mapping Logic Level Input Transitions To CMOS Device Level : Its Application To Static Power Analysis And Minimization"
N. Venkateswaran, Deepak Srinivasan, and Madhavan Manivannan
WAran Research FoundaTion (WARFT)
Abstract: 1021_venkateswaran_a.html

Submission 1022 (Poster Session)
"Fusion Cluster: Reconfigurable, High Performance and Scalable Cluster Architecture"
N Venkateswaran, T P Ramnath Sai Sagar, G Shyamsundar, E Vinoth Krishnan, and K Viswanath
WAran Research FoundaTion (WARFT)
Abstract: 1022_nagarajan_a.html

Submission 1023 (Poster Session)
"Petaflops YEars Effect: Towards Reliable Supercomputing"
N Venkateswaran and R. Prem Kumar
WAran Research FoundaTion (WARFT)
Abstract: 1023_nagarajan_a.html

Submission 1024 (Poster Session)
"Unified approach for Image Encryption Error Detection & Correction and its Low Power Architecture Implementation"
N.Venkateshwaran Abhishek Gopal N.K.Bharath
WAran Research FoundaTion
Abstract: 1024_nagarajan_a.html

Submission 1027 (Poster Session)
“Initial Heavy Ion Single Event Effect (SEE) Testing of the Xilinx Virtex-II Pro Multi-Gigabit Transceivers (MGT)”
Roberto Monreal1 and Gary Swift2
1SEAKR Engineering, Inc.
2Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Abstract: 1027_monreal_a.html

Submission 1028 (Poster Session)
“Non-Volatile Flash Storage Technologies and Their Application in Mass Memory Systems”
Michael Stähle1, Franz-Josef Rombeck1, Mike Cassel2, Dietmar Walter2, Harald Michalik2

EADS Astrium
2IDA, TU Braunschweig
Abstract: 1028_rombeck_a.html

Submission 1029 (Poster Session)
“Partial Reconfiguration Across FPGAs”
Steve Wichman
Redefine Technologies
Abstract: 1029_wichman_a.html

Submission 1030 (Poster Session)
“Pseudo Frame Decimation for an MPEG-2 Video System”
Brett McNerney1, Nick Vicen1, Thaddeus Marrara1, Frank Scarpino1, Kerry Hill2, and Eric Balster2
University of Dayton
2US Air Force Research Laboratory

Submission 1031 (Poster Session)
“An FPGA Based Flexible Hardware-Software Integrated Test Bed”
James Hayes1, Dr. Frank Scarpino1, Kerry Hill2, Jamie Morrison2
University of Dayton
2US Air Force Research Laboratory

Submission 1032 (Poster Session)
“A Java Flight Algorithm Implemented with Hardware Acceleration”
Brett McNerney1, Dr. John Weber1, and Kerry Hill2
University of Dayton
2US Air Force Research Laboratory

Submission 1033 (Poster Session)
“Hardware Accelerated JPEG2000 Exploiting Parallelism Intrinsic to the JPEG 2000 Standard”
Dave Mundy1, Nick Vicen1, Frank Scarpino1, Al Scarpelli2, Kerry Hill2
University of Dayton
2US Air Force Research Laboratory

Submission 1034 (Poster Session)

Submission 1035 (Poster Session)
"FPGA Implementation of Systolic Array Levenshtein Matrix Distance Calculator for Reverse Compliment DNA Code Design"
Daniel J. Burns1, Virginia W. Ross1, Qinru Qiu2, and Qing Wu2
1Air Force Research Laboratory
2Binghamton University
Abstract: 1035_burns_a.html

Submission 1036 (Poster Session)
"Reliable Packet Protocol"
Robert Jones and Robert Hodson
NASA Langley Research Center

Submission 1037 (Poster Session)
"SPACE-104: Stackable Avionics"
Robert F. Hodson, Kevin Laferriere, Kaitlin Keim, Charles Boyer, and Kevin Somervill
NASA Langley Research Center

Submission 1038 (Poster Session)
"Reconfigurable Scalable Computing"
Robert Hodson, Robert Jones, and Kevin Somervill
NASA Langley Research Center


2006 MAPLD International Conference

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