A scientific study of the problems of digital engineering for space flight systems,
with a view to their practical solution.

2001 MAPLD Technical Program

Session B. Design 1: Processors, Logic, and Programmable Devices

Pictures From Session B

B_Katz.jpg (18095 bytes)
Session Chair: Rich Katz - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

B0: History Invited Talk
Introduction: Dr. Roger D. Launius, NASA Chief Historian
Invited History Talk: Dr. James E. Tomayko, Carnegie Mellon University
From Sequencers to Processors on Early U.S. Spacecraft
Presentation: B0_Tomayko_S.ppt
Presenation: B0_Tomayko_S.pdf

Paper B1
"Design of a Radiation-Tolerant Low-Power Transceiver"
Weigand, Daniel, and M. Harlacher
ITT Industries
Abstract: Weigand_A.pdf
Presentation: B1_Weigand_S.ppt
Paper: B1_Weigand_P.pdf

Paper B2A
"The Mercury Microswitch: A Novel MEMS Device with Potential Applications to Space Electronics"
Edwards1, R. Timothy, C.J. Kim2
1Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory
2University of California, Los Angeles
Abstract: Edwards_A.pdf
Abstract: Edwards_A.doc
Presentation: B2A_Edwards_S.pdf


Paper B3
"The Design and Testing of a SEU Evaluation Vehicle for the UT4090 FPGA with Antifuse Technology"
Lake, Ron
UTMC Aeroflex
Abstract: Lake_A.pdf
Abstract: Lake_A.doc
Presentation: B3_Lake_P.ppt

Paper B4
"Reliability of Antifuse-Based Field Programmable Gate Arrays for Military and Aerospace Applications"
McCollum, John, Roy Lambertson, Jeewicka Ranweera, Jennifer Moriarta, Jih-Jong Wang, and Frank Hawley
Actel Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA
Abstract: Mccollum_A.pdf
Abstract: Mccollum_A.doc
Presentation: B4_McCollum_S.ppt
Presentation: B4_McCollum_S.pdf
Presentation: B4_McCollum_S_Long.ppt
Presentation: B4_McCollum_S_Long.pdf
Paper: B4_McCollum_Sa.pdf - B4_McCollum_Figures.pdf
Paper: B4_McCollum_Sa.doc - B4_McCollum_Figures.ppt

Paper B5
"The Application of PEMs (Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits) in Space"
Fabula, Joseph J.
Xilinx Corporation
Abstract: Fabula_A.pdf
Abstract: Fabula_A.doc
Presentation: B5_Fabula_S.ppt
Presentation: B5_Fabula_S.pdf

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