NASA Office of Logic Design

NASA Office of Logic Design

A scientific study of the problems of digital engineering for space flight systems,
with a view to their practical solution.

2006 MAPLD International Conference

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
with a session at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Washington, D.C.

September 26-28, 2006

Conference Staff

Please feel free to contact us if you need any
information or have any questions.

Elwin Ong (aka "Summer 4"), Sr. MAPLD Support Staff
Elwin Ong (aka "Summer 4")
Sr. MAPLD Support Staff
Ana Wilson, MAPLD Registration Coordinator
Ms. Ana Wilson, Registration Coordinator or 301-794-0900 ext. 138.


Carl M. Szabo, Jr.: MAPLD IT Guru/Goon
Carl M. Szabo, Jr.
MAPLD IT Guru/Goon
Hans Tiggeler, Conference Co-Chair, European Liaison
Hans Tiggeler
Conference Co-Chair, European Liaison
Dr. Tanya Vladimirova, University of Surrey
Tanya Vladimirova - Conference Co-Chair
University of Surrey
+44(0)1483 879137


Kevin Hames, NASA Johnson Space Center, Co-Chair for AIAA Journal Publications
Kevin Hames - Conference Co-Chair for the AIAA peer-reviewed Journal publications

NASA Johnson Space Center

Dr. Rod Barto, NASA Office of Logic Design
Rod Barto
NASA Office of Logic Design/
Spacecraft Digital Engineering
Richard Katz, NASA Office of Logic Design
Richard Katz - Conference Chair
NASA Office of Logic Design
(301) 286-9705


Al, 2 of clubs (aka BARZAN ABD AL-GHAFUR SULAYMAN MAJID AL-TIKRITI, Special Republican Guard, Commander)
Alan W. Hunsberger - Conference Co-Chair
National Security Agency
Tel: (301) 688-0692
  Hugh Blair Smith, Conference Co-Chairman for Historical Papers
Conference Co-Chairman for Historical Papers
Hugh Blair-Smith

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2006 MAPLD International Conference

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